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RenderMan, yes I have a name, but there are a few others around ENTS and even my family calls me Render. I've been with ENTS since the beginning.



I break stuff. I occasionally help fix it. Depends on what I'm being paid for.

By day I'm a consultant for all sorts of companies and agencies. Focusing primarily in Wireless security but I also do all sorts of other things in Penetration Testing and education. I also speak very frequently around the world on a bunch of topics, from privacy issues to new wireless security research to zombies.

At night, not much changes. I am a hacker at heart, a pirate by political affiliation and a wifi badass by hobby. I can usually be found wardriving, working on new ways to subvert security, playing mad scientist with electronics or more than likely taking some cherished childhood toy and perverting it into something horrible.


Currently I am the biggest noisemaker at the space and breaker of master control :-) about getting the place organized. I normally am not the most organized person, but in this case, it needs to be done, so I'm doing it. I also help out whenever I can and take on tasks as needed.

ENTS projects:

I admin the wireless network

I teach lockpicking

I teach wireless security

RFID Enabling the ENTS pop machine [[1]]

Personal Projects:

A recreation of Castor's Cane from 'Tron Legacy' - Build Log 'Creepy' OLED enabled goggles with voice reactive LED respirator - Build Log Talking Care Bear brain transplant Teddy Ruxpin bluetooth enhanceent

I am usually tinkering with something when time allows. For the most part, ENTS itself is my biggest project

Security Meetups

In an effort to try and build more of a hacker community in Edmonton, I am restarting my Security meetups. Discussions of the various recent attacks, conference videos, just a way for security people to hang out and learn from one another.

Due to my speaking schedule, it's been difficult to pick a day where I know I will be around on a regular basis. I will advise when things get setup.


I am RenderMan on the #ENTS channel on IRC (launch webchat)

My website is ( - Email is posted around there

I am also around ENTS on a somewhat regular basis, just look for the guy dressed in Black with the Black fedora on his head and the skull mug full of beer in his hand and a surly attitude to stupid questions.

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