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Psst. I try to think.


I'm Rainer Ilgen, Xirus in #ents on freenode.


About Me

I was born in the German Democratic Rebublic. After the German reunification I started exploring the computer world with my first C64.
Gaming became fast very boring and I started teaching myself in BASIC and later Assambler.
With my first C128 I discovered the Internet ... a long journey began ...

I studied Software Technology and worked for 7 years as project manager for Volkswagen and Siemens.
In 2009 I decided to start all over and came to Canada.
At the moment I have a break from the busy IT buisness till I get my permanent status.
Keeping my brain busy with private projects.

I'm political active for the Pirate Party of Canada and still connected to CCC in Germany.

I joined the ENTS because:

  • increasing my knowlege in Linux
  • learn more about Arduino Programming
  • find new ideas for projects
  • share my knowlege / experience with everybody who is listening

My current projects:

  • Arduino Sensor Network with Database-Server and IRC-Relay
    • Status Sensor Prototype: 100%
    • Status IRC-Relay: 90%
  • Database-Server for the Sensor-Network (hacked NSLU)
    • Status NSLU: 100%
    • Status Database: 100%
    • Status Frontend: 0%
  • modified RC-Car-Bot (Arduino-Brain)
    • Blog
    • ToDo: Finish Bot, write PC and Android Control Program
  • Arduino powered tracked Robot
    • Status Basics: 100%
    • Status Sensor Sweep: 10%
    • Status GPS Navi: 0%
    • Status Camera: 0%
    • Status PC-Software: 0%
  • GeoCaching Night-Active-Light
    • Status Prototype: 100% (running since 3 month on 6A LiPo)
    • Status BlinkM: 50%
  • Arduino controlled Halloween Decoration
    • Talking Skeleton: 99%
    • Talking Pumpkin: 50% (wait for the Wave-Shield)
    • Singing Couple: 99%
    • Merge parts to on show: 0%

Details about my projects are soon online ...



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