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About Me

A little bit of an electronics nerd, I have my own electronics workbench at home, with an ever-expanding assortment of test gear and tools. I also greatly enjoy photography, and audio/video systems including home theater and "classic" hi-fi, like tube amps and reel to reel tape decks. I enjoy restoring old stereo gear to working condition, and I've built half a dozen or so headphone amps of various size and design. I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since early January 2013, my callsign is VE6ORC. Unfortunately, living in an apartment really restricts my antenna possibilities, so I've made a magnetic loop that tunes up from 20m to 12m, and an OCF dipole strung up from one end of the apartment to the other. I've recently (late 2013) been bitten hard by the machining bug, having purchased Matt's micro milling machine before he moved to Saskatchewan, as well as a mini lathe, and a horizontal bandsaw similar to the one at the space.

Skills Canada

Throughout high school, I slacked off in the electronics lab most of the day while easily earning an A (and probably not actually deserving it), and my teacher encouraged me to enter the Skills Canada provincial competitions while they were still in their infancy. I won first place in the provincials both years I competed, 1995 and 1996. Prizes included a Fluke 79 DMM in 1995, and a 0-30v 0-3a variable bench power supply in 1996, as well as a $1000 cheque for my school's lab.

Work at ENTS

In January/February 2012, I was tasked, "promoted" if you will, with designing and building the electronics benches that are in the main work area. They are an L-shape in the corner, with the long segment 14 feet long starting from the short wall, and the short segment 10 feet long starting from the long wall. They are 2 feet deep, and stop approximately 1 foot from the end of each wall. I'm certainly no construction engineer, but it was a learning experience, and they turned out pretty good for someone not really knowing what the hell they were doing.
bench sketch
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