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About Me

A little bit of an electronics nerd, I have my own electronics workbench at home, with an ever-expanding assortment of test gear and tools. I also greatly enjoy photography, and audio/video systems including home theater and "classic" hi-fi, like tube amps and reel to reel tape decks. I enjoy restoring old stereo gear to working condition, and I've built half a dozen or so headphone amps of various size and design. I used to be into RC trucks (electric) and such, at one point owning a Tamiya Wild Dagger, TLT-1, and a heavily modified TXT-1, as well as a TB-01 offroad racing chassis with a '49 Merc body painted a dark shade of green with green metal flake and chrome bumpers. I've since gotten out of the hobby for financial reasons, but I still have some various bits and bobs left over, mostly unrelated to the aforementioned kits. A nitro motor (probably toast) and chassis, some wheels and tires, a few servos, etc.

Skills Canada

Throughout high school, I slacked off in the electronics lab most of the day while easily earning an A (and probably not actually deserving it), and my teacher encouraged me to enter the Skills Canada provincial competitions while they were still in their infancy. I won first place in the provincials both years I competed, 1995 and 1996. Prizes included a Fluke 79 DMM in 1995, and a 0-30v 0-3a variable bench power supply in 1996, as well as a $1000 cheque for my school's lab. I subsequently sold the meter and power supply, and regret it ever since.

Work at ENTS

In January/February 2012, I was tasked, "promoted" if you will, with designing and building the electronics benches that are in the main work area. They are an L-shape in the corner, with the long segment 14 feet long starting from the short wall, and the short segment 10 feet long starting from the long wall. They are 2 feet deep, and stop approximately 1 foot from the end of each wall. I'm certainly no construction engineer, but it was a learning experience, and they turned out pretty good for someone not really knowing what the hell they were doing.
bench sketch
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