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|Woods with high resin or oil content may catch fire.

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Welcome users: Baleeted for testing porpoises.



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How to Use

LaserCad software is available on \\atlas\Media

Step 1: Ask Someone who is certified for instructions
Step 2: Read Instructions.
Step 3: Place Instructions in Laser Engraver.
Step 4: Burn them...
Step 5: Wing it...


The good, the bad, and the ugly of materials.

This editing of this wiki table is just starting. On the wall next to the laser cutter you will find a longer list of safe/unsafe materials.

Unsafe Materials
Material Marks Notes
HDPE Recycle2.png Although tempting due to its ready availability (milk jugs), it melts, catches fire, and makes a big mess.
PVC Recycle3.png Releases Chlorine gas! Dangerous to breathe and corrosive to the equipment.
Polypropylene Foam Recycle5.png Melts and catches fire easily.
Polystyrene Foam Recycle6.png Melts and catches fire easily.
Resin Code 7 Recycle7.png This symbol is a catch-all for various plastics and plastic combinations. Avoid any plastic with this symbol because its composition is unknown.
ABS plastic Recycle abs.png Emits Cyanide! (do you need another reason?). Fine then, it melts and makes a mess too.
Other Plastic None Avoid any unmarked plastic because its composition is unknown.
Artificial leather and other vinyl None See PVC, above

Safe Materials
Material Cutting Engraving Notes
Wood-solid Yes Yes Woods with high resin or oil content may catch fire.
Wood-MDF Yes Yes Engraved surface may become pitted due to glue and wood particles being burnt at different rates by the laser
Acrylic Yes Yes Engraving at high power levels may cause many small fractures to appear, due to high localized heat and expansion.


Suggestions for getting the best results from various materials, using this laser cutter.

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