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ENTS has Projects!

Want to start a project? Need help? Need something changed in the space to help?

There is a General Call for Help page where you can post your needs, or if you would like to help out. Post what you need, identify general or specific instructions, if you would like the person performing the work to have a doctorate identify that in the request.

Request For Materials : Request for Materials, projects that are in need of materials to be donated by other members. We all have leftover's in our basement or garage that will never find a home.

MasterControl RFID door access/space usage system

EnviroPod Modular, extendable environmental monitoring and control

ArduinoMBus an Arduino based solution for communicating with mid 1990's Honda stereos over their M-Bus interface

Space Wish List Discussion and collection of ideas doe the existing and/or future space

RaspberryPi Place for all our Raspberry Pi projects

Media Player ENTS has an entertainment center

Delta Geometry 3D Printer

Projects/RFIDpop RFID enabled pop vending machine at the space "AKA Project POP-PI"

Projects/RFIDCoinCredit RFID enabled Coin counter to credit RFID accounts used in the pop vending machine at the space "AKA Project POP-PI"

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