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task list

  • 10 - log onto each machine and tell me what the ip addresses are for each interface and make a simple network map
  • 5 - renumber interfaces to something logical (and let me know the new ips). i will change port fowarding rules. then make sure everything still works.
  • 10 - on the file server, make a new partition and mount it as /usr/pkgsrc/ . fetch the latest pkgsrc and put it there. make the other machines mount this /usr/pkgsrc instead of having a local repo
  • done A_C - 20 - determine if my namecheap domain supports a Dynamic DNS client. If so, install a relevant dyndns client on the router.
  • 10 - create a new partition on the file server, not on the OS drive, using 100GB or so. create a new folder for each machine n the network, and move a complete mirror of that systems filesystem (use rsync plz) to these new folders.
  • 10 - create/install rc.d script to start/stop the BIRD BGP routing daemon on the router
  • 10 - create rc.d script to start/stop the anonet vpn connection (stopped by default), reference: [1]
  • 10 - fix this script to send signals other than "kill -9" first, then verify that the daemon is dead, if not, send kill -9.: [2]
  • 10 - fix my "block outgoing" tun0 firewall rules to work, ref: [3]
  • 5 - run this script to every machine, restart, and verify ssh no longer times out: [4]
  • 20 - fix the ugly routes hack script to properly parse routes and add them to default configs: [5]
  • 20 - setup CARP on the routers. its already compiled into the kernel, just needs configuration.
  • 10 - using ALTQ set up bandwidth limits on the various router interfaces to limit them to no more than 1Mbps
  • 10 - backup a copy of /usr and /etc to some offsite location, for each machine, and send a zipped copy to my gmail
  • 10 - install DNSmasq on the router for the chaosvpn connection and configure it to use the chaosvpn DNS for their ip range, and the DN42 ip ranges for DN42
  • 10 - log onto the cvpn "service lister" server and reduce the frequency of log backups in the cron entry. also make a cron entry to tar the folder once a week
  • 20 - work with me to test how easy it is make a bootable remote rsync backup of router2
  • 20 - set up x-forwarding (or confirm it works) on sun machine
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