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Stuff I do for ENTS

Board of Directors

I joined ENTS in January of 2010. I was appointed to the board sometime in early 2011. In August 2011 I was reelected to serve another term on the board.

Network Infrastructure Committee

Being that I do Sys Admin work for my day job I got promoted to being a member of the NIC. I've helped run a bunch of the cable in the space (and only ran one drop to the WAP above the white table in the blue room, so when you have a desktop and need to plug it in I'm the guy to blame for not giving you somewhere to plug it in). I've also done a bit of the work on the phones we have at the space - hopefully one day we can have a call that lasts longer than 20 seconds....

What do I do at ENTS

Most of what I do at ENTS is just hang out and be amazed at some of the stuff the other members are working on. As I mentioned above I do some of the system/network admin at the space.

I've recently become a licensed HAM radio operator so I've got a bit of the radio bug. slePP recently showed me some radio kits that he's been building so I expect to be learning how to solder in the near future.

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