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Infrastructure Network


Hostname Address Location Description Model Serial Number
gateway CARPed address from the router
router Above washroom Baremetal router running pfSense 2.0.1-Release
gandalf Above washroom Baremetal Debian 6 host running the arduino door interface
mrfeeny Basement Rack HP Procurve 1910 Switch
corey Basement Rack HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Awaiting RMA - Sept 2013
topanga Above washroom HP Procurve 2650 Switch
poe switch Above washroom D-Link DES-1316
aruba controller Above washroom aruba 200 controller
aruba-wap1 Aruba WAP
aruba-wap2 Aruba WAP
AP70-3 Aruba WAP
Linksys POE Switch
atlas 5U below Prometheus in rack Baremetal FreeNAS 8 host running cifs/nfs shares and iSCSI targets
prometheus 5U above Atlas in rack esxi 5.0 host machine
ents-irc-001 prometheus Debian Shell Server
management esxi4 Windows XP Pro host used for Infrastructure Client
monitoring esxi4 Debian 6 host that keeps tabs on everything
timothy esxi0 Ubuntu 10.10 host for Linda
ents-vdc-002 esxi2 Debian 6.0 hosting LDAP
ents-vdc-001 esxi0 Debian 6.0 hosting LDAP
ents-financial esxi2 Debian 6.0 hosting GNUCash via NX
ents-git-server esxi2 rPath git server
Dave's VM prometheus winxp
Sun TBD Basement 3 Com Managed Switch 24 Port Dedicated for VM Traffic
Earth TBD Basement esxi2 24 Core, 32 Gig Bare Metal.
VMFreenaz TBD Basement Freenaz 9.11 4 TB for VM's, 4 TB for ENTS User Storage.
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