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  ! Location
  ! Location
  ! Description
  ! Description
! Model
! Serial Number
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  | Basement Rack
  | Basement Rack
  | HP Procurve 2650 Switch - Awaiting RMA - Sept 2013
  | HP Procurve 2650 Switch
  | topanga
  | topanga

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[edit] Infrastructure Network


Hostname Address Location Description Model Serial Number
gateway CARPed address from the router
router Above washroom Baremetal router running pfSense 2.0.1-Release
gandalf Above washroom Baremetal Debian 6 host running the arduino door interface
mrfeeny Basement Rack HP Procurve 1910 Switch
corey Basement Rack HP Procurve 2650 Switch
topanga Above washroom HP Procurve 2650 Switch
poe switch Above washroom D-Link DES-1316
aruba controller Above washroom aruba 200 controller
aruba-wap1 Aruba WAP
aruba-wap2 Aruba WAP
AP70-3 Aruba WAP
Linksys POE Switch
atlas 5U below Prometheus in rack Baremetal FreeNAS 8 host running cifs/nfs shares and iSCSI targets
prometheus 5U above Atlas in rack esxi 5.0 host machine
ents-irc-001 prometheus Debian Shell Server
management esxi4 Windows XP Pro host used for Infrastructure Client
monitoring esxi4 Debian 6 host that keeps tabs on everything
timothy esxi0 Ubuntu 10.10 host for Linda
ents-vdc-002 esxi2 Debian 6.0 hosting LDAP
ents-vdc-001 esxi0 Debian 6.0 hosting LDAP
ents-financial esxi2 Debian 6.0 hosting GNUCash via NX
ents-git-server esxi2 rPath git server http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/967
Dave's VM prometheus winxp
Sun TBD Basement 3 Com Managed Switch 24 Port Dedicated for VM Traffic
Earth TBD Basement esxi2 24 Core, 32 Gig Bare Metal.
VMFreenaz TBD Basement Freenaz 9.11 4 TB for VM's, 4 TB for ENTS User Storage.
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