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(Making Your Own Hackerspace Passports)
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= The Hackerspace Passports were created to =
* help promote people visiting as many hackerspaces around the world as possible
* increase collaboration
* increase cross-pollination so we can all learn from one another
* encourage all hackerspaces to support each other
* (And it's fun.) 
These Hackerspace Passports look a lot like US Passports, but no fingerprints needed!  And, rather than a requirement for passing borders, they are intended to encourage it!
Hackerspace and hacker cons around the world have made their own stamps, so people can get their Hackerspace Passport stamped everywhere they go!
== Stamp Dimensions ==
Each page of the Hackerspace Passport can accommodate 4 stamps of 41mm x 47mm, or 1 stamp up to 89mm x 118mm.
== Promotional Graphics ==
Below are some drafts for website badges to promote that your hackerspace has stamps to support these passports.
== Getting Your Own Hackerspace Passports ==
ENTS has a supply of passports on hand to buy if you're interested, they're $5 and can be bought from any director. <br>
The next easiest way to get a passport is to head over to [https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11079 SparkFun] and buy one with your next order. <br>
== Download the Passport artwork! ==
Thanks to [http://har.ms Matthew Borgatti] ([http://twitter.com/gianteye @gianteye]) who did all the illustration, graphic design, and proofing to bring this together. He also runs a store called [http://www.sleekanddestroy.com Sleek and Destroy] you might want to check out.
Here is a link to the edit-able source:<br>
[http://tiny.cc/passSRC http://tiny.cc/passSRC]

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