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Contact Us


#ents on
To chat with ENTS members now, please launch our QWebIRC Client Once you've connected, type "/nick" followed by your desired username to change your nickname. Example "/nick nickname"
If you are a regular visitor to our chat room, consider requesting an account on our IRC Shell Server

(780) 701-9400

11234 109 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T5H 1E2

Mailing lists

We are currently operating two mailing lists.
One is hosted via our google account and is used for announcements to the membership, you can request to be added or removed by emailing the directors address above.
The second list is members-discuss, a fairly standard mailman list to be used by all members to organize projects, find materials, and to source out skills, support and references.
You can manage your members-discuss membership settings here

IRC Shell Server

What is this and why would I want it?
Basically, if you always want be connected to the ENTS irc channel, this is one of the best ways to do it. Some reasons one might want to stay connected would be wanting to read the channel log without having to always be connected yourself, to receive message that were left for you while you were away, to maintain a registered nick without having to worry about still being logged in somewhere else.
There's a few pretty good reasons but basically, many of us just find it easier.

If you would like to have an account on the ENTS IRC Shell Server, please contact the Network Infrastructure Committee
Once you have your account please use the directions below to connect.


Using putty or the terminal emulator of your choice, connect to (on port 22)

When prompted, log on using your credentials
Protip: If you're using putty and you give your connection a title under "Saved Sessions" and then click save, you can simply load your connection instead of having to type the address every time.

Using It

Once you've logged in please follow these steps:

Launch one of our two terminal multiplexers, either Screen or TMUX.
Protip: You need only to launch your multiplexer if you don't already have a session running, If it's already running skip to the re-connection step
To do this, simply type "screen" or "tmux" after logging in.

Creat a terminal session to work in. To do this in Screen type, "ctrl+a" then "c".
To do this in TMux type "ctrl+b" then "c"

Launch one of our two IRC clients, either irssi or weechat-curses.
To do this, simply type "irssi" or "weechat-curses" respectively

Reconnecting to your multiplexer session
To do this in screen type "screen -r -d". To do this in tmux type "tmux attach-session"

For questions, please either connect using the (QWebIRC) app or mailing


There are official guides for all apps mentioned here, please refer to them for advanced features

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