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  • ents.ca secure email ?
  • members storage (/home ?) w/ size constraints per user (ie update freenas to support NIS)
    • possibly purchase drive enclosure and rent out drives (emerica)
  • music streaming thing
  • image NIS/NFS machine, preprovisioned hardware backups (for rapid recovery in event of failure)
  • fix issues with water, at least create channel to route water along wall rather than run all over floor, huge liability
  • an accessible physical place to put machines, if bandwidth is an issue then assign a b/w limit
  • easier port forwarding?
  • ents terminal server/ip KVM(to reboot machines etc, access serial console, w/e)
  • a free switch that anyone can plug a machine into and get an address (ie not requiring everything to be unlocked in the switch)(this would be nice because then could xming into own machine from upstairs machines)
  • internet accessible cvs/svn/git
  • encrypted secure ftp/torrent server
  • more/bigger UPS (monitor power draw ?)
  • an /8
  • x-forwarding from ents to our homes (or w/e), maybe via VPN?
  • maybe set up some kind of reverse proxy / vhost system so that people can serve http from their own machines on their own domain
  • irc bouncer
  • XMPP server
  • IRC bots (kreggly)
  • spy cameras
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