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About Me


20 years working as a test engineer designing software and hardware and test systems. Lately I've been having fun with SW QA, Control System Design, and SCADA which is bringing me full circle as the job involves a lot of scripting in a UNIX/Linux environment where I cut my teeth circa 1988. Yeah, I'm old.


I am afraid of clowns. Not really, but being in the same hotel as a furry convention does make me a little nervous.

I have a wife, a couple of kids, a dog, a cat, and two fish. I rent because down payments are ridiculous here and I still haven't sold my house in Alabama. I am from Lethbridge, Alberta originally, spent 12 years in Texas and Alabama, and said the hell with it, and moved back to the real, Land of the Free.

I'm a big fan of Noir, and other media that explores our dark side. Not a fan of horror, pulp or the brooding vampire shit that seems all the rage. Although a good movie, like a good book, like good music, like a good drink, like a good woman, stands on it's own merit and can not be denied my attention or amusement.


Electronic Design

Complete System Designs - Car Lot Monitoring System w/ RF, Fingerprint Recognition, and Static Accelerometers, Ozone Water Treatment System, GPS Data Logger for Agricultural Applications, PLC HVAC Controller and Interface for Mine trucks, Touch Screen System for Photocopier, Ignition System, Diesel Injector Test Stand, Speed/Odometer Conversion Module, Vacuum Truck Rev. Controller, Hydraulic Boom Controller.

Test systems for Mobile Devices, Data Radios, Base Station Transceivers, Amplifiers, Blood Glucose meters, Wireless Insulin Delivery, in-flight entertainment, redundant power supplies, satellite and terrestrial set top boxes, personal computers, servers, monitors, photo copiers, NAS, GPS, security, and surveillance systems.

Software Design

Programming - ASM, Pascal, HP Basic, Borland C, GCC, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, C#, .Net, Testpoint, TestStand, LabWindows CVI, Keil uVision, CCS C, MPLAB, Eclipse.

Targets - MC8051, MC6800, MC6805, MC68000, HC11, Z80, 80x86, MSP430, LPC2148, Microchip series, ARM series.

Platforms - Windows, Amiga, PSP, HP Unix, Digital Vax, Linux, Trilogi PLC, Android.

Notable Projects

GPS Data Logger - Based on Microchip 16F84 and CCS C compiler. Decoded JRC GPS binary data into human readable format. Simple user interface design using a rotary encoder, 3 buttons, and backlit 16x20 LCD. Data was stored in an I2C eeprom by bit banging through general purpose I/O. This is used to identify location of weed patches in a field and to create a map for selective herbicide application.

HVAC Controller - Implemented the Trilogi PLC using ladder logic, basic, and a PID loop. User interface was another 16x20 LCD, and an array of buttons for setting current temperature and cooling modes.

Lots of stuff I will fill in here as we go...


Lots of stuff I will fill in here as we go...

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