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Self-indulgent headshot

Hey, I'm Grant Bowering (better known on #ENTS as Grank).

I'm a software developer and musician, and bring both of those passions to ENTS!


I've been a .NET developer since 2007, and currently work for DevFacto Technologies, a prominent Edmontonian SharePoint and .NET software consulting company, as a solution developer.

I enjoy working in a variety of .NET-driven software scenarios, including ASP.NET, SharePoint, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Web Services and WCF Services. If you have a question about anything .NET-related, please feel free to use me as a resource!

Currently (up to March 2011) I hold the following MCP certifications:

  • MCPD - Web Developer (2.0)
  • MCTS - .NET 3.5: WPF Applications
  • MCTS - .NET 2.0: Windows Applications
  • MCTS - .NET 2.0: Web Applications
  • MCTS - .NET 2.0: Distributed Applications
  • MCTS - SQL Server 2005

I'll be getting more current ones as soon as work calms down enough for me to have the time!

I'm also a musician, and have a music degree from the U of A, for some reason, so if you have interest in music and want to collaborate on any audio-related projects, let me know.

Involvement with ENTS

I joined ENTS in September 2009, and immediately got involved, being appointed as the chair of the events committee at my first meeting. I went on to write a ceremonial ribbon-cutting app for the ENTS Grand Opening, on the multi-touch Microsoft Surface table that was on loan to ENTS at the time. I started a push to improve the ENTS Bylaws as well.

Board of Directors

I was first elected to the Board of Directors in October 2009, and continue to serve on it to the present day.

Since August 2010 I have held the position of Secretary.

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