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EnviroPod EnviroPod is node based environmental monitoring project. It consits of a main board based off of an Arduino Mega and Ethershield (allowing POE and TCP/IP communications) together with multiple sensor pods wich are daisy chained on an RS485 bus using ethernet cables and connectors. The sensor pods are arduino compatible with Atmega328 micros, RS485 driver chips, and various onboard sensors (currently temperature, humidity, dew and light intensity). EnviroPod is being built by Dave in an effort to instrument and automate his 3-season greenhouse.

Here are the parts that make up the base sensor pod circuit:

Index	Quantity	Part Number	Description	Customer Reference	Backorder Quantity	Unit Price	Extended Price
1	15	296-1739-5-ND	IC DIFF BUS TXCVR 8-DIP		0	0.68000	$10.20
2	10	296-20933-1-ND	IC VOLT REG 5V MICROPWR SD TO92		0	0.58000	$5.80
3	10	P10269-ND	CAP 100UF 25V ELECT FC RADIAL		0	0.36000	$3.60
4	10	887-1019-ND	CRYSTAL 16.000 MHZ 18PF HC49US		0	0.43500	$4.35
5	20	1428PH-ND	CAP 18PF 100V CERAMIC DISC C0G		0	0.20500	$4.10
6	10	380-1022-ND	CONN 8-8 MOD JACK		0	0.87000	$8.70
7	10	ATMEGA328-PU-ND	IC MCU AVR 32K FLASH 28PDIP		0	4.12000	$41.20
8	12	RJHSE-5084-ND	CONN RJ45 MOD JACK R/A LED		0	1.45400	$17.45 
	Subtotal	$95.40
	Shipping	$8.00
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