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Media Player
In an effort to provide an excuse to socialize, provide background noise when needed and to build some community and restart Dinner and a Movie nights, RenderMan has donated the use of a XIOS DS Media Play! box for use in the space on the TV in the front lounge area.

Media Player Specifics
The player is a small white box running Android. It immediatly boots into XBMC. PLEASE DO NOT HACK OR TRY TO REFLASH THE MEDIA PLAYER we want to keep it working for everyone and it is still the property of RenderMan.

The device can play 1080p video very nicely (some slight stuttering on our current network, plans to upgrade the switch are pending) and display nearly any file formt.

Menus can be accessed using the accompanying white remote control. If you are unsure of how to navigate, please ask someone else or google it or check out the XBMC wiki: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMC_Quick_Start_Guide XBMC Wiki

The TV must be changed to source 'HDMI 1' and the HDMI cable from the device plugged in to 'HDMI 1'. Periodically another member may unplug the HDMI or power cables and not put them back. Those people suck. Simply plug in the cables and leave it in working order for the next person if this is the case. <INSERT ATLAS IP HERE>

Media can be played from many sources. The primary is over the network from our file server 'Atlas' which you can reach via the name or the IP of from the ENTS network

Media uploaded to //Atlas/media and the appropriate directory will be added to the XBMC database periodically and be available to play. This includes movies, TV shows, conference videos, documentaries, photo's and music. If you think it is of interest to members, upload it and share it!

Inevitably, the question of copyright will come up. ENTS or its directors has no control, nor cares what is uploaded to the media server and made available to other members. This system is provided for the benefit of the community and is a public medium. Members are assumed to abide by nessecary laws and that they are mature enough not to abuse it.

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